Dont’ keep it under your hat…
It’s time to tell your stories…

The Pagan Legacy Project aims to collect and collate the memories and experiences of Pagans from all paths, traditions and identities. This project is a gift to our community and to academics, to record the voices of those who remember, before it’s too late

Rewind <<

The Kingdoms of Albion are built upon a colourful, rich history of Myths, Legends and Folklore, along with artifacts and a few surviving manuscripts and monuments. We sieve through these incomplete puzzle pieces for grains of truth and likelihood to understand a very different world than ours. To try to comprehend our ancestors and for lost knowledge and wisdom, that it might reilluminate our lands, our minds and our souls. 

FastForward >>

We are the ancestors! 

The landscape has changed. The statues and monuments we left are ancient. The trees and the forests we planted, are sacred but what of the Paganscape?

Of course, there will be a huge amount of data but what about us?

Our individual beliefs, practices, experiences?

As important as books and academia are do, they really document the reflections of our soul and our intentions? 

History is often distorted by the modern interpretation of it, so perhaps, therefore, history should be written by the individuals experiencing it as it happens, in their own words?

Play >

With this in mind the Pagan Federation have launched quite a epic project!

To collect YOUR stories! To compile the largest ever database of information about Pagans, today.

Aptly named, the Legacy Project, it is intended to be a huge resource for anyone interested in Paganism, for media and academic resource but most of all, a gift to us all and our future generations.

So, if you find yourself here, reading this, we want to hear from YOU!

It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning to find your path or have been practising for decades – everyone is a part of this legacy.

You can write your own account of your story, you could, if you prefer, answer pre-set questions, you can video or voice record your personal journey, whichever you prefer. You can give your full name, or your nickname, your social media handle its your choice.

For further information, to get involved, to share your story or chat about this project, please email 

Pause #

To say thank you to Pagan Federation President, Sarah Kerr for affording me the opportunity to be involved with this project.

To all the people involved and working hard to collate and document the information to bring this project alive but most of all a massive and heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who will share their personal journeys, experiences and practices

.Gratitude and Blessings

Jo Alvey

The project was conceived as part of the plans for the Pagan Federation’s 50th anniversary in 2021 and was formally launched at Samhain 2021.

We have lost many pioneers of our community and we want to do all we can to record the experiences, thoughts and memories of those left to us while we still can.