Lorraine Hawkes Story


So I began my journey as a very young child aged 4/5 I was very aware of energies outside in the weather in the plants with the animals and I’d sing a talk to them. See and feel things when I did so and always feel safe and protected as a child by these energies when I had nightmare or feel frightened I’d automatically visualised being wrapped in glowing blue light and I’d speak to these spirits but also to the departed as I also had a healthy interest in all things paranormal. None of this ever stopped and just grew and sometimes I could feel energy pulse through me that I could channel. I could do many things and would often meditate without being taught and it wasn’t  just a child daydreaming 

As a teen I started to read books by Doreen valiante and Marion green and others and books like witch alone, hedge witch and spiral dance. I found a name for what I’d always known and done and I read lots I joined the pagan federation, went to pagan moots and read the magic circle and sacred spirit I attended some workshops with Marion Green and my own energy,insights and abilities surprised me and her. We did a past life regression and I came too to protect the seeker and I could see what she describes before she described it but i could see her standing in front of me and afterwards Marion asked me why I had come too and I explained to keep her safe as she was seeking answers she was not ready to see and we discussed this at length.

I have always been called an old soul and I know a lot without knowing it and my knowledge comes from deep inside and from the world. I don’t subscribe to any faith but i honour the energy of the seasons and moon and the weather and believe there are energies and spirits all around us. I am nearly 50 now and have found myself moving into a coaching role at work where I can help people develop which I love. I have always been instinctual and affected by weather n the seasons I believe in a goddess and a god but they have no names they are male and female energies and are present in all things and all places. If they have a representation then the goddess is lunar abc the god solar. I have read many books on different religions, different cultures mythology and folklore of many countries and I have an interest in fairy lore and the histories of how fairies are perceived in different times and cultures. I do not believe in fairies in the accepted way as winged beings etc which I think is as a human interpretation of what are actually the spirits and energies found in nature. 

I don’t use or need any set tools to work and I can work in most places I like low light and candle light and I have an open fire and use the mantle as a space to decorate to remind me of the season we are in I decorate according ti the mood I pic up not what I know so I left my spring flower fairy lights up until recently it has felt so mild. I love snowflakes and frost and clear blue days I feel so much energy then but also windy days. I don’t believe in fancy tools or books or rituals written so that you just have the right colour candle in the right day etc I believe that is all commercialism to sell books, systems and merchandise. 

I have rituals but they are more habits not set things on set days as per any book but there are some days when my home feels dark I will walk through each room with a candle or incense of whatever I have to hand to bring some light energy back.  I use what I have to hand and keep things simple the energies I work with don’t care about fancy swords, candles or words but care about intent and respect. 

A writer I think is great is terry prachett the tiffany aching books wee free men, hat full of sky, wintersmith, I shall wear midnight and shepherds crown are some of the best and most accessible books on witchcraft, fairies and folklore. Art wise I love the works of Brian and Wendy Froud, Charles Vess and John William Waterhouse. 

There is a whole industry now that wasn’t there when I grew up and whilst I encourage people to seek knowledge I think you must be guided by your inner light and the energies outside and of the seasons. I think there’s too much about what tools you have, the system you use and in some ways at some times it has become trendy,  a club where it’s about status rather than a belief or way of living and there a lot of commercialism and fake history when it’s not needed. Paganism and witchcraft  to me are about a direct personal connection to the energies and natural world that is around me, nature and energy that is in my local area and that has local history and power.