Robin Ap Clericus

Many Pagans talk about Ancestors often making pilgrimages to sacred sites  in order to honour them. Well when it comes to ancestors I am very privileged to be descended from the Brythonic kings of Strathclyde Mann and Wales. One of my strongest lineages if from the Kingdom of Powys who claim decent from the Goddess Don and God Beli Mawr. So this was this area of Wales I was born into with ancestors stretching hundreds if not thousands of years.  When I was younger I used to jokingly tell people that this was my Island; what I realise now is I was telling them that I was part of the land. So is it any real wonder that I should end up on a pagan path?  I think possibly it was inevitable. I was raised in a small rural village surrounded by trees and mountains and spent most of my time as a child wondering  the woods and playing by the river. My very first ideas about the dualistic nature of the universe was formed while out and about on my wonderings; although it was years later that I would put these concepts into any structure. Besides this love of my natural surroundings, I also had a passion for local myth and legend and would spend a lot of my teenage years in the library of the local town. Over time, inspired by myths, my interest in magic grew and coincidentally the library had quite a few books, even some rarities on high magic. So around 1979/80 I had managed to get hold of  a catalogue from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice mail order shop in Leeds. I started practicing ritual magic, based on Servants of the light correspondence teachings, but often found that the rituals were very stiff and so I added some shamanic practices into the mix (if only I could find something that incorporated both 😊), It was about 1982 that I  came across Marion Greens correspondence course and contact group, this was more like it, and jumped in feet first. I was still quite isolated and working alone at this time and decided to work some magic to get a working partner and access to a group. There is a saying “be careful what you ask for you just might get it” well the universe let me have it, both barrels. Within the year I had met another seeker who became my partner and we worked pagan rituals cobbled together from various sources. My partner of the time had met an Alexandrian wiccan high priest a couple of years before meeting me and had asked for initiation but as he was from London and didn’t have a working partner/Priestess at the time nothing had come of it. So about a year after getting together with my ex-partner I was half way up a damson tree getting fruit for wine making when this high priest with a high priestess (of both Alexandrian and Gardnerian) walked around the corner. My then partner was initiated first degree a few months later and myself a few months after that. We travelled from Wales to either London or Lancaster for training at the time a couple of time hitchhiking cut after a year the coven disbanded, and the high priest and priestess went off travelling Europe. It was now the mid-80’s and myself and partner moved to Anglesey both to go to the University at Bangor she to study phycology and myself environmental biology. It was at this time that we contacted a coven in Mid-Wales run by a wonder full Alexandrian priestess who offered to train us up for our second and third degree initiations. This was a truly magical time and I got to work with some iconic Wiccans and pagans at inter coven beltain’s and sea rites. A couple of years and two initiations later we had an active coven on Anglesey and people were seeking us out from far and wide through adverts placed in pagan magazines of the time.  But life is never stagnant, and cracks began to show in mine and partners relationship, she wanted to remain very traditional wicca but I wanted to look further and by the mid- 1990’s we had separated. I moved away to Scotland and she after Running the Anglesey coven for a while went back to the Welsh boarders and ran a coven there until her death a couple of weeks ago. As for myself, after some coven work in Scotland i have pretty much retired from group work although I have run a couple of courses of late. I am still active in the pagan community and after years of research am putting together a book that will hopefully cut through a lot of the dogma around working ritual.

That’s me  Robin ap Clericus

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